Casona Maria

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Hotel with History ...

Casona Maria we have created a unique environment, where we are all an important part, we are like a family, we all know us, we respect and we know the important work of each, that's what we transmit to our guests, our guests we like to spoil them, make them feel at home, why they have chosen for your stay, whether business or pleasure, here you will always find warmth and quality.

Casona Maria is a boutique hotel, wrapped in details which were rescued from the major towns and communities in the State of Puebla, giving value and recognition of the work of craftsmen, cushions embroidered by hand, foot tissue bed in waist looms, lamps brass and beautiful rooms carved by hand, care to the last detail because it is what we want to reflect our guests, who know the value and beauty of our crafts, but more than that, we want a reminder of what was carried stay Casona Maria.

Every object, every detail, every piece has a story to tell, everything is in the hotel was made by proudly poblano craftsmen, who value their work, and that is why each object Casona Maria is available for sale.What you will have in your hands, it is what we have valued as true pieces of art.We want your memories will last over time.Casona Mary we are proud of our culture and happy to share it with you…