• Santo Sereno Bar

Romantic evenings

Santo Sereno Bar
Do your best unforgettable moments, spend a romantic evening in one place, we have a space reserved for you and your partner in one of our private terraces with the best view of the sunsets of Puebla, framed by volcanoes and its emblematic Cathedral.

Let us transport you in time and live your best stories within Casona Maria, full of nostalgic memories and beautiful environment.Conquest someone special with the delicate scent of flowers, she falls in love with silence and touches your heart discovering before his eyes a dream scenario with the most representative domes of Puebla.

Two private and exclusive terraces on the top of Casona Maria, where you can almost reach the clouds and touch the sky.Ask about special packages we have to make your night the ideal night, our rooms are unique and make your stay unforgettable and to provide you good morning, our Holy Remedy spa will be waiting with a relaxing therapy.And to close with a flourish, we wait for breakfast in the kitchen of Santo concoction, discover the recipes that we have rescued from the dishes of each region of Puebla, and make the best of that night every night